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Excellence in customer support.
At Quantact, we pride ourselves on our customer service. Have a question? Please ask!
We're constantly striving to meet your needs, and we aren't afraid to back our words with actions.
What makes a great virtual server?
You told us you were looking for a fast, dependable, scalable, and cost effective virtual private server. We've engineered a system that delivers: a fast network, reliable hardware, and a control panel that makes it easy to administer your virtual server.
A control panel designed to work for you.
We've designed our control panel to be smart, and provide the features you look for. We want to offer the best virtual private server around, and to that end we are always working to improve and add new features. Check out our growing list here.
Virtualization is good.
In today's economy lowering costs, adding features, while keeping performance are important. We utilize the latest in virtualization technology to provide a powerful virtual server, at a fraction of the cost of a traditional dedicated server. Let us manage the network and hardware, so you can run your server!
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